The Blink Master Fundraiser

What is a Blink Master?

The Blink Master was designed as a way for students and adults to learn how to solder. Students solder all the components onto the circuit board while gaining valuable knowledge about soldering and electronics. When students are done soldering the Blink Master, they are left with more than just a boring circuit board. The Blink Master, when soldered together, functions as a game! Games included can be played with just 1 person or with a friend. This encourages students to get excited about STEM.


What comes with the Blink Master kit?

The Blink Master kit Includes the printed circuit board (PCB), along with all the components that get soldered to the PCB.

Note: The kit does not include soldering irons, solder or batteries.


Why is this fundraiser better than others like selling food?

This fundraiser is unique because it sells knowledge along with a cool game that the students have made themselves. The Blink Master Fundraiser is targeted to Robotics teams and STEM groups. Using this fundraiser will also help get students in your area excited about STEM and can be used as a recruiting tool.


What about the money?

  • The fundraiser price of each kit is $15, the minimum quantity to get the fundraiser price is 10.
  • We recommend running a short camp (about 2 hours) and sell spots at the camp for $40 per student. This gives the team/group running the fundraiser a $25 profit per student.


Good Luck!

Fundraiser Form:

Blink Master Fundraiser